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The security solution for packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in promoting a company's products and reinforcing the message of its brands.
As a result, packaging plays an equally important role in the counterfeiter's activity as, in order to sell their fake products, they rely heavily on the consumer accepting the packaging as genuine.
Fake products, supported by counterfeit packaging, affects sales revenue, impacts negatively on brand status, helps to fund other crime and can cause injury or even death.

As industry experts, we recommend a multi-layer approach to document security, with features built into the graphical design or added during printing or manufacture, as well as an optical security device.

Security Foiling’s Packaging-SECURE solution offers a range of security features which are:

    Easy to authenticate
    Very hard to alter
    Extremely difficult to copy

Our optical security devices are specifically designed to protect packaging against counterfeiting, they are bright, colourful and tactile with multiple viewing angles which give vital instant authentication, but of equal importance is the availability of forensic level features for the ultimate in fake detection.

For more information on our Packaging-Secure solution, please call us on: +44 (0)1473 707204
Alternatively you can email us.

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